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Our facilities

We have a ship that has been optimized for a distinct areas.

- Area Warehouse, speed of response is achieved not only with human resources, logistics resources are essential in our main market very specific and almost exclusively rotating products are required, so estocamos units that allow us to expedite the early work.

- Area machining, machining machinery gathers: drill press, miter saw, mola, bank rigid plate, shear channels and profiles, along with the hand tool. From this area mechanized cabinets are issued to the wiring area. Although ours is a 'low noise index, the little that is generated is in machining and this has been concentrated in a separate and remote area.

- Area of cabling, distributed in 6 areas of work where the work carried out wiring, testing and packaging of the cabinets.

Administrative support to educational areas offered by the Technical Office and Production, located at the foot of wiring and includes a laboratory for testing and communications equipment and systems telelecturas fiscal counting.

Full office facilities and office Administration and Business Management.


Some members of Tecnoquadres trace their experience in the design and manufacture of Electric Panels to 1988, at the time the designs were done in yellow cardboard type paper, but we drew with Drafting machine. With the design and implementation of switchboards of large currents, mainly for buildings Telefónica, we live the progress and changes in the world of electrical cabinets, from systems design to implementation of the latest technology in the pictures.

The last 20 years, we have participated intensely in Tables automation, especially in the environment of the energy sector, working in virtually all Endesa substations Tramontana Plan.

In early 2013, the economic situation of the country, came up with the challenge of combining the efforts of various professionals in the sector, concerns, and create Tecnoquadres Innova, a company with capacity to design and implement electrical panels tailored to the needs of our clients.

From the first time we have developed a work continuity of these 20 years, with a very good response from our customers. Therefore, to reflect on the changes we see this sector has experienced since our inception, we want to be complicit in these changes initiating reforms in improving facilities and warehouses and production areas.

Of course, we want to use this platform to present, proud, new capacity of the members of Tecnoquadres.