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Work we do

We advise and manage teams under what is stated in the current Vademecum Facilities Liaison Low Voltage Endesa. Rush TMF kind, including accountants and approved modems, Centralizations double insulation and sheet metal, CPG, saws boxes, distribution boxes landing ...
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Fitted Power
We design and power distribution solutions for small installations such as offices, shops, ... or large facilities such as factories, shops .... Following the guidelines of end users, in the case of clients with identical facilities in different locations or in accordance with the instructions of the installer with which we coordinate as our customers.
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Telecommunication boxes
These cabinets are designed to collect, process and transmit information, given the importance of information management in today's society, these works are particularly important, therefore, through our laboratory, we try, whenever possible, actual testing of communications, which guarantee a performance of the cabinet according to customer needs.
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Automation and control cabinets
There are numerous types of cabinets we do like this, always starting with a comprehensive control engineering, with a highly detailed execution to be performed. Include a large number of interconnecting wiring closet itself, ending in terminals for conexionarse with the outside. Of course, the tests for this type of cabinets are as comprehensive as engineering that generates them.
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Fitted PLCs and SCADA
These are some closets automation where normally control engineering is developed by our technical department, so that once the cabinet finished, we tested the product. We have collaborated with some ambitious project in this section, for example, in designing a gas fragrance device.
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PV cabinets
While it is true that such cabinets has caused a revolution in the sector, by the voltage levels used in some cases and that dc concerned. In this section we are also using depth even providing solutions for small powers for services in places where there is no provision of public network.
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